Rite Of Passage

September 28, 2008

Before a boy becomes a man
And a girl becomes a woman,
There lies a stretch of barren land
Where hearts leap in joy and burn with desire,
And great minds innovate yet stuck in mire.
Feelings quick to harden at news deemed dire,
In a place that tries life’s greatest demand.

To mature and grow–
Is a journey, bleak and slow,
Watch where the winds blow!

It’s there that Icarus’ wings flap in vain,
And there, Cinderella ends her pain.
In there, there, real soldiers are trained.

Prepare for war.
Skies may turn gray, and fields might go brown.
Unwanted sights and unpleasant sounds abound,
In this land where pains resound and horrors compound.
Weaknesses rebound and mistakes profound;
A queen is crowned and a fool is drowned.
Happiness confounds and hate surrounds,
Unbound in Maturation’s trying grounds:
A bloody floor.

Toys are merely joys for the little boy,
A pure world fancied by the little girl.
But the wheel stuck in age is a grave decoy;
Reality will unfurl, so give that wheel a twirl–
Fantasies destroyed and wisdom employed.

Happiness does not last forever,
And pain is a genuine endeavor.
Despite having dreams unsure and a future obscure,
Never secure your surrender in the fight to mature.

Let us abandon our innocence held so dear,
In a world painted rainbow colors, a joyous sphere.
Pull wisdom from knowledge gained each year,
And one day, it will become crystal clear
That life is well-lived when it’s true and sincere.
Although jeers may replace cheers,
And enemies were trusted peers,
Build hope and confidence; have no fear!

Make the most out of simple pleasures,
Cherish friendships as priceless treasures.
Think before you take drastic measures,
And relax when there is heavy pressure.
The grass becomes greener and the air fresher.

Maturation’s shores are drawing near,
So close, so close… you must persevere!
To others, soon you may appear
To be a most prudent peer.


Mother Nature’s Cry

September 28, 2008

It took me a long while
To better the way you live.
Since you have turned hostile,
I’ve got no more to give.

My land is filled with waste;
My children are displaced.
They live in utter fear,
Watching friends disappear.

You treat me like a joke:
Choke me up with your smoke,
Strip me of any clothes,
And leave me with my foes.

I have become man-made,
Who serves you like a maid.
Unnatural and impure,
A disease with no cure.

Do you know how I feel?
See the scars I conceal?
I lost my rights and voice;
You leave me with no choice.

I am shaped based on greed.
In pain, I sob and bleed.
I have been infected,
Abused and neglected.

Please open your eyes,
See the truth under the lies.
I’m near my demise.

Do you hear me crying?
I am sick and dying.
You are my therapy;
Love me and and set me free.

My children, I love you.
I hope you love me too.
Your mother needs you now.
Help me; I’ll show you how.

Recycle and conserve,
Heed the rights I deserve.
Hear my weakening voice,
Help me regain my poise.

It seems that what you do
Has more effect on you.
I am Mother Nature,
Not a human for sure.

You live the life you drain:
You breathe the air you stain;
Drink the water you soil,
And eat the food you spoil.

My gifts you must protect:
From air to ocean shelf.
My love you should respect;
Save me to save yourself.

Man’s Best Friend

September 28, 2008

You’ll run to me, barking with delight.
When I hear your bark, I feel alright.
You are waiting and I feel safe.
You greet me with a tail wave,
Like a smile ever so polite.

You follow me when we walk outside;
You stop at stoplights as you are clever.
Next to me, you sit with your head held high;
Proud of me, and I am too filled with pride,
And hope to be your companion forever.

When I am sick, I can count on you,
To be there to make me feel happy.
Your friendship is ever so true,
And I know that you’ll stand by me,
Through good and bad, for eternity.

Mom says that we shouldn’t be too close,
Because we are both growing old.
Even with the ones we love the most,
The course of life is out of our control.
A rose will die and new ones grow.

As soon as I come home, you’re within sight.
I see you running, and barking with delight.
Hearing your bark, I feel safe; I feel alright.
I feel alright
as all are right.


September 28, 2008

Complex paragraphs stare at me;
They need to be read.
Empty lines moan and groan sadly;
They need to be fed.

However, my eyes have gone blind,
And I cannot locate the food.
I’m sorry I didn’t have you on my mind.
Now the time’s come; I am the fool.

Somehow, I cannot say “I am sorry,”
Because my stomach is reacting first.
Butterflies galore flutter within me;
I cannot think and must be cursed.
Into a sea of void I am submersed.

Can you stop having complains,
And simply feed yourself?
Or give me tools to ease your pains,
So into this sheet I can delve?
A clue or two,
And that will do;
You will be fed and my sight regained.
Oh, those miracle points I can attain!

Butterflies flutter and fly swifter.
I know they will not go away,
Since my mind is getting stiffer.
I wish I had prepared yesterday,
So I can feed the empty lines today,
So I can proceed to write this essay.

Girls’ Night Out

September 28, 2008

Let’s hit the clubs at the stroke of midnight,
Wearing spaghetti straps and 4-inch heels.
Let’s concentrate on the present tonight,
And leave behind our values and ideals.

Let’s stomp silly fears with our softened feet,
And drown them in a pool of nail polish.
Let’s graffiti red lipstick down the street,
Rejoice as urbane laws, we abolish.

As we finally reach the club entrance,
We shall be slimes of saliva and sweat.
Let’s dance and take a wild chance at romance,
And make this night one we’ll never forget.

Let’s make a scene with a drink too many,
Hollering and laughing with no control.
Let’s lure guys wherever there is any,
And take our sexy moves up on the pole.

The music changes and the crowd moves on;
The party revamps but we’re tired no doubt.
We finally leave at the break of dawn.
It’s a night to remember: girl’s night out.

Garden Of Eden

September 28, 2008

A field of flowers has sprouted with charming animosity.
Forbidden apples hang with tantalizing curiosity.
The marvels of the shameless duo lead to the unpredictable.
The lure of the wicked serpent has rendered the two gullible.
God silently looks from the Heavens above with his watchful eyes;
He sees his children ensnared in evil and shakes his head, then sighs.
The juice of shame continues to run down the chin of lovely Eve.
Intrigued by the fruit, Adam takes a bite as he is also naïve.
As the innocence of mankind washes away with the dark fluid,
What has been pure and perfect is now sullied by toxic liquid.


September 28, 2008

A summer’s dreaming below a silvery full moon.
Soft winds blow gently, the ambiance opportune.
A knack of creativity and I am in a different place,
Because dreams transcend both time and space.

Lovely maidens anticipate Prince Charming’s call.
With a bow and a nod, they prepare for the ball.
The most beautiful maiden of all is left in the dust,
As her hideous evil stepsisters teems with lust.

Elves dance around fires and sing ancient runes;
Fairies fly above them and sing their own tunes.
A toad can be heard croaking its deafening bass,
And fireflies swarm nearby with exceptional grace.

Bandits congregate secretly in desert dunes,
While sirens lure sailors from hidden lagoons.
Everyday individuals vanish without a trace,
As creatures unseen stalk from a dark place.

Epic battles are fought, glorious wars are won;
A page turns with the old and unwanted gone.
Villains are condemned and heroes are sung;
Mothers rejoice with new hope for their young.

Leprechauns find gold at the end of the rainbow;
The stars glow as Santa strolls through the snow.
The Prince finds his Princess, a dream come true.
This happy story ends but another is starting anew.

A summer’s dreaming below a silvery full moon.
Soft winds blow gently, the ambiance opportune.
Imagination flows as fantasy and reality embrace;
Marvelous dreams transcend both time and space.