A Soldier To His Wife

Staring through the tainted window and past the aged bushes, into the night sky,
My heart jumps and my stomach overturns itself, but all is calm in the bright sky.

I stare at the stars twinkling ever so beautifully and I begin to think of you, my wife.
I remember the day I left you, in tears, as stars too lament above in the night sky.

I realize you are sad to see me leave, with uncertainty marked in my own footsteps,
But I suffer from my own grief, my dreams of my lovely, as I stare into the bright sky.

Like an honorable man, I have made duty my imperative, although love will call me back.
I dream to see your tears become tears of joy, and stars to glisten merrily in the night sky.

I hope to be with you again, my love, and to never turn the wheel of chance one more day.
I hope my fate aligns with yours, so we live, die, and share the same part of the bright sky.

I hope you understand why I’ve risked my life, and I too understand your pain as my wife.
I hope you share my hope, so we dare this dream together, stargazing upon the night sky.

One Response to A Soldier To His Wife

  1. SamL says:

    this is beautiful

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