Complex paragraphs stare at me;
They need to be read.
Empty lines moan and groan sadly;
They need to be fed.

However, my eyes have gone blind,
And I cannot locate the food.
I’m sorry I didn’t have you on my mind.
Now the time’s come; I am the fool.

Somehow, I cannot say “I am sorry,”
Because my stomach is reacting first.
Butterflies galore flutter within me;
I cannot think and must be cursed.
Into a sea of void I am submersed.

Can you stop having complains,
And simply feed yourself?
Or give me tools to ease your pains,
So into this sheet I can delve?
A clue or two,
And that will do;
You will be fed and my sight regained.
Oh, those miracle points I can attain!

Butterflies flutter and fly swifter.
I know they will not go away,
Since my mind is getting stiffer.
I wish I had prepared yesterday,
So I can feed the empty lines today,
So I can proceed to write this essay.

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