Man’s Best Friend

You’ll run to me, barking with delight.
When I hear your bark, I feel alright.
You are waiting and I feel safe.
You greet me with a tail wave,
Like a smile ever so polite.

You follow me when we walk outside;
You stop at stoplights as you are clever.
Next to me, you sit with your head held high;
Proud of me, and I am too filled with pride,
And hope to be your companion forever.

When I am sick, I can count on you,
To be there to make me feel happy.
Your friendship is ever so true,
And I know that you’ll stand by me,
Through good and bad, for eternity.

Mom says that we shouldn’t be too close,
Because we are both growing old.
Even with the ones we love the most,
The course of life is out of our control.
A rose will die and new ones grow.

As soon as I come home, you’re within sight.
I see you running, and barking with delight.
Hearing your bark, I feel safe; I feel alright.
I feel alright
as all are right.

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