Picture This

An aqua-blue stream gently flows,
Unmoved by what lies in its path.
Running to a place no one knows
And no one asks, fearing its wrath.

The flaming sun radiates its glow,
While birds chirp at the break of dawn.
Butterflies perform a fine show,
Dipping high and low and then gone.

The icy-clear sky high above
Casts a few raindrops now and then.
The Heavens demonstrate their love
By subduing a storm once again.

The air chills with every cool breeze;
The flowers turn with the light winds;
A child gives off a single sneeze,
Then simply wipes his nose and grins.

A man fishing by the seashore
Is pleased to take part in all this.
Content with such a tranquil bore,
He blows his son a tender kiss.

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