Rite Of Passage

Before a boy becomes a man
And a girl becomes a woman,
There lies a stretch of barren land
Where hearts leap in joy and burn with desire,
And great minds innovate yet stuck in mire.
Feelings quick to harden at news deemed dire,
In a place that tries life’s greatest demand.

To mature and grow–
Is a journey, bleak and slow,
Watch where the winds blow!

It’s there that Icarus’ wings flap in vain,
And there, Cinderella ends her pain.
In there, there, real soldiers are trained.

Prepare for war.
Skies may turn gray, and fields might go brown.
Unwanted sights and unpleasant sounds abound,
In this land where pains resound and horrors compound.
Weaknesses rebound and mistakes profound;
A queen is crowned and a fool is drowned.
Happiness confounds and hate surrounds,
Unbound in Maturation’s trying grounds:
A bloody floor.

Toys are merely joys for the little boy,
A pure world fancied by the little girl.
But the wheel stuck in age is a grave decoy;
Reality will unfurl, so give that wheel a twirl–
Fantasies destroyed and wisdom employed.

Happiness does not last forever,
And pain is a genuine endeavor.
Despite having dreams unsure and a future obscure,
Never secure your surrender in the fight to mature.

Let us abandon our innocence held so dear,
In a world painted rainbow colors, a joyous sphere.
Pull wisdom from knowledge gained each year,
And one day, it will become crystal clear
That life is well-lived when it’s true and sincere.
Although jeers may replace cheers,
And enemies were trusted peers,
Build hope and confidence; have no fear!

Make the most out of simple pleasures,
Cherish friendships as priceless treasures.
Think before you take drastic measures,
And relax when there is heavy pressure.
The grass becomes greener and the air fresher.

Maturation’s shores are drawing near,
So close, so close… you must persevere!
To others, soon you may appear
To be a most prudent peer.

2 Responses to Rite Of Passage

  1. Khareen says:

    you have nice collection of poems… so cool!

  2. bhuvanxp says:

    i am impressed the way you write
    kinda write something on emotiions filled with water

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