Sugar in the Marmalade

~ title inspired by the song by Leon Lai ~

Where calm waves crash shores, visitors commune
To sit and stand, laugh and hum a gay tune.
Beneath the Summer sun and the crescent moon,
The gust is perfect for tourists platoon.
The same spanking breeze, to soldiers, a boon,
And to farmers, a welcoming monsoon,
Swaggers to become a twilight gale soon.
The sun rising from daybreak till high noon,
Becomes a cascade of gold and maroon.
Lovers kiss and a child holds his balloon.
For me, the ambience is opportune
To lick marmalade sugar from the spoon.

2 Responses to Sugar in the Marmalade

  1. Judith.L says:

    This has lovely imagery, is bordering on jazzy, and has natural rhythm. 🙂

  2. A visitor from Wild Poetry. I’ll be back.

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