Poetry is an artist’s canvas where language provides the medium and emotion creates the meaning. As the poet kindles a fire to warm up to the audience, sharing feelings of joy and sorrow, hate and love, the reader is evoked and undertakes a journey to unravel the meanings weaved in and out of a maze of words and spaces.

What is the value of poetry among individual lives today? Apart from the general question of poetry’s position within new media is another concern regarding its shift in form. This blog serves, as one purpose, to keep formal poetry alive: meter by meter, rhyme by line. To some individuals, formal poetry may seem restrictive and to others, an antique. Although formal poetry is marked by tightly controlled and decorative forms, I find the rhythm with rhyme and metrical style to be passionate and hauntingly lovely. When verse is fine-tuned in such a way, I can breathe with the flow of rhyme and meter, and paradoxically, become free to express my thoughts. Furthermore, the constraints of formal poetry allow me to control and transform my emotions into a vehicle that is universally shared. As modern poetry shifts to free verse, diction may change, styles may change, yet universal emotions remain universal emotions. The poems in this blog shine light upon the universal human experience: innocence and maturation, friendships and memories, failures and dreams, strengths and weaknesses, and the principles that triumph. I hope my writings can allow readers to better connect with their growing selves and the changing world around them, and help them to ultimately feel human and not a stranger in our society.

I am inspired to pull out my pen and write because time may seem like an hourglass that overturns itself but bursts of expression come and pass. To be human is to be able to express and this cannot be done better than through the art of poetry. Although the poems are by no means autobiographical, they do reflect from my perspective and arise out of my personal experiences. In my writings, I seek to fine-tune my lens for living: detect the accidental patterns in the world that are often overlooked and magnify the minute details of simple joys and pleasures. To achieve this, I will draw upon the Muse that brings out the “Aha!” experience and pull inspiration from subject matter. Here’s to poetry!

ⓒ 2014


5 Responses to About

  1. xtraxtra says:


  2. mirra says:

    i hope you continue to write. these poems are awesome!

  3. dzone says:

    nice blog. keep it up. visit me if you like to exchange the blogroll links

    from Danuka

  4. lovingmotherof1 says:

    Loved your bio! Come through sometime and check out my poetry/spoken word. http://lovingmotherof1.wordpress.com/

  5. Sagar Patil says:

    Hello Susan, I blog poetry too and its real fun 🙂

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