Susan Chen

n213536_33654075_9674I live in a time measured by new experiences in a place defined by diverse faces. Growing up in rural China, and spending most of my mature years among backdrops of skyscrapers and bright lights in inner Boston, the fabric of my world outlook is marked by urban excitement and idyllic longings. Within this dichotomy, similarities arise with comparable multiplicity in my sensibility to the rhythm of life. Through my lens, I have observed parallel details across place and time: the correlation between hard work and high returns, the melodious myriad of people coexisting together, the pivoting of rich and poor, and the common struggle toward self-actualization. By magnifying this universal lens, I have enhanced my view on society, ruminating with a focus more reminiscent of reality than a mere midday’s dream. The overlay of my perspective with the intricacies of daily living directly relates to my writings, where I draw inspiration from keen nuances and reflect on the broader worldview.

Besides composing poetry, I also enjoy studio art, baking, traveling and absorbing other cultures. Thanks for visiting my blog!

Any feedback is most welcome! Please email me at

β“’ 2014


2 Responses to Susan Chen

  1. araYan says:

    nice. chanced upon this blog the very day u created it!
    don’t mind, i’ve subscribed to it..shall await more poems πŸ™‚

  2. art3m1s says:

    vienna teng is pretty sweet. so are your pieces. :]


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